It is summer in the northern climes, but we have a few members in the southern hemisphere so for them – “Winter Project”.

This is a long form shoot. Lots of images, some text included.

(June, July, August)

1. Pick a place that you love and visit it several times this summer.
2. Pick a subject to cover for the next few months.
3. Pick a subject that you can cover for the summer.
4. Write a bit of text to go with the images… where they were taken, or what the project was.

Gather the images into a folder and add to it for the next couple of months.

– Road trip vacation.
– Small day trips out of your city.
– A town near you that you find interesting.
– If you live in a town with a lot of tourists… they can be a subject.
– Portraits of people you meet.
– Portraits of people you find.
– Perhaps you are going to be doing a lot of model shooting this summer – cool – give us a great look at how those shoots came together.
– Foods of summer
– Foods you encountered on travels
– Still Life from your area
– Still Life project you self assign.

September 1, 2014 we will create our own “Exposure” page and do a mass “Project 52 PRO” invasion…

Each of you will have your own page and we will link from an index page on LE to each of your Exposure pages.

To get an idea of what “Exposure” is like, visit the site at

You may want to go there and sign up now so you can hold your free account.

Let’s make this really fun.