There have been several questions asked regarding P52, the commitment required, and gear needed. This FAQ should serve as a guide for these questions.

1. Commitment.

It is a year long workshop. You wont find too many of those out there, and the reason is simple. Lots of people want it fast, they want it easy and they want it to be a quick hit. Project 52 PRO is none of those. The goal of this course is to introduce you to more than just the shooting styles and genres of the professional photographer, but to the understandings of what goes into making a photograph to the standards demanded by clients.

Please work with us for the full year. Your work will see rapid improvement by mid year, and by the end of this in January 2015, you will have a stronger, more professional approach to your work as well as a much better portfolio than you have now.

2. What happens if I miss an assignment?

I understand that real life gets in the way… happens all the time to even the most prepared of us. If you have to miss a class or two, it is fine. We archive each assignment, and video record each critique. You will still be able to be involved in the learning. Just hang in there and find the moments you need to create.

3. Am I qualified to do this workshop, or is it over my head?

If you are familiar with your camera, and understand the basics of shooting (aperture/shutter speed/ISO) you are welcome in. The best thing about Project 52 is you are measured ONLY against you. Your effort and work is what we are looking at, and your starting point can vary widely from others in the workshop. Your personal growth is all that matters… and for that you only have to be willing to do the work.

4. How long do I have to do the assignments?

You have two weeks to do each assignment. We start out with that length, and stay with it for the duration. Workshop Assignments are posted on Tuesday mornings two weeks out from the first critique, and are posted on that day and time for the full year.

5. Are the assignments/critiques archived?

Yes. We use GoToWebinar for our critique sessions, and all of them are posted on YouTube for easy access. The videos are unlisted, so only those with the URL can find them. Additional videos are posted on YouTube and a few on Vimeo – but they are always in the archive, and you have access to the archive for as long as I’m around – plus a year.

6. Do I need any special gear for this workshop?

Camera, wide angle, normal, telephoto lenses. A light source of some kind… and natural light is fine for many assignments – ESPECIALLY if that is your style of working. We will also be working with flash, continuous light and studio strobes as well, but they are not required. A speedlight or single strobe would be beneficial, as well as a medium umbrella and medium softbox.

During the workshop we will be crafting a few lights, scrims, boxes and more. It will be an inexpensive way to add to your lighting kit.

7. Do I need any special software for this workshop?

You will need a way of working with your files to present them on the critiques. Lightroom or Aperture is fine. So is the native Canon and Nikon conversion software.

For our layout assignments, you will use Photoshop or the open-source freeware GIMP to add the layers needed for the layout/mockups.

As far as PC/Mac – not important as long as you understand the way the computer works. The entire year will be adding specific post processing ideas and tips as well as full tutorials when appropriate.