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Catherine Vibert

Cat Vibert is a portrait and lifestyle photographer specializing in branding imagery for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. When not working, she occasionally gets so restless that she has wandered trails to far away places so as to make sense of the world through quiet contemplation and her lens. She can sometimes be heard playing duets on the piano with her cat, Marlow, while wailing banshee notes to passing foxes. –

Jan Klier

Jan has spent 25 years in art and technology in a variety of mediums. After working in enterprise software he spent several years as fashion photographer based out of Seattle and later New York City working for magazines and designers. In recent years Jan as turned his focus to video and film, working as Director of Photography and Colorist. He creates corporate and commercial content for businesses and works with filmmakers on dramatic projects in short and feature-length form. –

Eric Muetterties

I met Don in 2010 and started Project 52 at the very first assignment in January 2011. In March my decade long consulting job came to a close and I jumped in headfirst into photography full-time, opening a studio in November 2011. I n 2013 I had a opportunity to buy the equipment from an established commercial photographer who was retiring, which netted us their clients, as a result. Never been easy and came close to quitting, but we have survived as a husband and wife team to be moderately successful in this difficult business. Without Don and the many friends I have made through Project 52, I never would have made it this far. Still a challenging and great journey! –

Rob Davidson

Rob is an NYC based photographer and videographer specializing in jazz, classical music and music education. He is an original Project 52 graduate that has taken what he learned and is growing a successful business in a challenging market. Rob’s clients include Yamaha, Berliner Philharmoniker, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, NAMM: The International Music Products Association, Montclair State University, Kinhaven Music School and VH1 Save The Music Foundation. –

Yechiel Orgel

Yechiel Orgel is a New York City based commercial photographer who specializes in product, still-life and beverage photography. He is passionate about working with creative entrepreneurs to increase conversions of their products and services through unmatched image quality. His grasp of radiant lighting and dynamic composition bring a high level of distinction to his e-commerce advertising, web and catalog assignments. –

James Eisele

My name is James Eisele. I’m a Fashion, Catalog, & Advertising photographer based in West Palm Beach, FL. I donate time to several causes I love including animal rescue & Everglades restoration. My business philosophy is “Do as much, with as little, for as long as you can.” I’ve been published in several national magazines, worked for a few big name clients, and I’m currently the President of the S. FL chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) —

Bret Doss

I’m a Seattle-based commercial photographer specializing in product, food, portrait, fashion, and dance. One of my very favorite things about being a photographer is the people I get to meet and collaborate with on projects. Delivering the images Clients need to support their goals is also particularly satisfying. Don Giannatti’s friendship, mentorship, and P52 have been invaluable to me, establishing a foundation for success. —

Sid Ceaser

I’m a portrait photographer based out of New Hampshire. My main focus is creating photographs for Musicians and Bands for promotional, press kits, publicity and cd & album artwork, as well as headshot photography for business and corporations and individuals. I also create photographs for magazines and editorial publications. I occasionally teach photography workshops. I’m a contributor to Zack Arias’s website DEDPXL. I’m a huge pop-culture junkie and most of my personal work involves photographing toys, and people dressed up like comic book, movie and cartoon characters. I love beards and muppets and scooters and movies and comics and flea markets. —

Sam Breach

Sam Breach is a fine art and portrait photographer in Oakland, California. People and their personal stories are what inspire her the most and she specializes in creating unforgettable portraits in which her clients become the stars of their own art works.
Sam Breach

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