For Film Shooters:

– 24 Frames: shot in May.
– If all you can get is a 36 exposure roll, we will look only at the first 24 frames.
– The shots can be from as few as four days up to one per day.

NOTE: Please do not shoot all of them at one fell swoop. We would like to see how you approach shooting slowly and deliberately.

(EDITED) If you want to shoot a roll of 36 and cull out frames that totally failed (movement/tripod collapses on your big toe…) that is fine.

If you want to use two rolls of 120 that is also fine.

We would like to end up with 24 images in a row… as best as possible.

The goal of the project is to see how we treat an image when we cannot ‘bang it out’ and shoot dozens of frames. We want to treat each frame as though it were gold… or an 8×10 sheet of film. Taking our time to compose and light and make it all exact for that single click. (Can you use your digital as ‘test’? Yes, of course.)

Of course this has very few rules because it is meant to be fun. 24 frames gives those of you choosing to do one per day plenty of time to get the film processed and scanned.

This will be a lot of fun. I have my EOS 3 Loaded up and ready to go.

Tripods to the ready (sorry grippest fans, I am going mounted for this one).

Using Photoshop, lay out the images on a single graphic 2000 pixels wide.


Use File>Automate>Contact Sheet II

Set the units to pixels and the width to 1200 / height to 1000.

Rows 4 / columns 6

Process the contact sheet from the folder with your images.

(Video coming)

Post that Contact Sheet to the page we have designated for it.

Virginia has a link posted on the Facebook Group page for a free roll developed and scanned. Members can get that information there.