As the old song goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Whether that is true or not is really a subject to be taken up on Facebook… LOL.

But for this assignment, that is JUST the headline for the ad you are going to shoot. It is for a local jewelry store and the designer wants to have it KICKBUTT in the two local magazines you are going to shoot it for.

So first up, you will research two of your local magazines for LOCAL ads for jewelry shots. Analyze them.

1. What makes them work?

2. What can you do to make yours better?

(We will talk about what you found in your local magazines on the webinar… and you will tell us what YOU did to be different.


Vertical ad, full page, color.

Designer wants the jewelry to stand out from whatever background you choose. Unfortunately, she will not be able to be on the set with you so she sent some images that she likes over to a Pinterest page she shared with you.


She just saw your fashion work and wonders if adding a model to the shoot would be something to consider. (Of course this is only for those who actually shoot people and fashion, so you do have a choice.)

She loves these ads with people:

Take these influences and work them with the magic you are more and more in control of. If you have a model and want to include her into the shoot, then go ahead. If it is blustery where you live and you want to do it as a still life, then do it.



Lighting ideas:

Jewelry Photography

How to Photograph Jewelry



A long one on post production, but it is pretty good.