4x9-rack-cards-brochures-flyers-examplesThe assignment is for a localĀ Bed and Breakfast. They found you through word of mouth and have no idea how to hire a photographer, but they know they need a great shot and they heard you could do it.

They want to feature their specialty desserts, and hopefully bring locals to their Sunday Dessert Brunches they are having every Sunday this coming summer.

They will get you the desserts, and they have no idea what they want. But they want to show something “homey” and not urban at all. Their B&B is in a historical home in the downtown area, and it is very classical in design.

BrochureClustertestThey are happy to have hands in the shot: Perhaps toasting champagne over a nicely presented plate of desserts? They are also happy with a still-life approach – as long as the shot looks natural and homey and conveys the flavor of theirĀ home and their service.

The image will be going on a vertical, three fold brochure (also known as a ‘rack’ brochure because they are so often found in racks in hotels, restaurants and other venues. The brochure is also the right size for mailing in a standard envelope.

Your shot will be across two panels on the inside, so a square shot would be best.

They have sent you a folder with some of the images they have cut out of magazines to show you what they like, but they are depending on you to bring in a home run for them.

Remember: You may use hands in your shot although these images to not show them. They have a budget of about $600 for the shoot and if you have any additional expenses, they can cover up to $50. If you do, be prepared to discuss them in the meeting.