A consistently best selling accessory. Count the shoe ads in Vogue or Bazaar… a very high percentage. There is a love affair between consumers and shoes – and especially women’s high heels.


Client is an upscale boutique located in your city. They have spent the winter doing remodeling and are ready for their grand opening extravaganza. The ad campaign is “Step Into Spring” and will feature women’s high heel shoes, something they have not carried before. Part of the new rebranding is the addition of a boutique, specialty shoe area featuring some big name designers.

They want to show off the shoes, and also get people into the store for the grand re-opening. So this assignment should be eye grabbing. Full page ad in local magazines, full page ad in local shopper, and mini-billboard bus signs all over the area where they are located. They will also use the images on their website, but not as a banner so the magazine vertical will work fine.


Happy clouds
Bright Colors

“Clean and sexy” is what the AD sums up in the RFP for you.

Now it is up to you…

What is most important about women’s high heels… the height and shape of the heels, the shape of the toe, and how – if any – the shoe straps to the leg.

If you are wanting to use a model, she must not be identifiable (legs /skirt / shorts only) and should have a manicure if toes are shown.

The overall feel to the ad is “fun” and “new”… so now it is up to you to make something awesome.

Ideas the AD sent over:

And he doesn’t want catalog stuff like this:

Put your thinking caps on.

If you have to buy a pair of heels and return them, do not scuff them or let anyone wear them. Returns are a natural part of life for shoe stores and – well – photographers.