The assignment is deceptively simple.


Not the drug, the virtual manifestation of speed… going fast. Really fast.

The client wants something that shows how fast his in-town delivery system is, and how it can save you time because they are so fast… they have ‘speed’ on their side.

Bike and Motorcycle delivery service.
Local to your neighborhood/city.
Friendly drivers, modern attire.

Clean, efficient, personality driven delivery service for creatives and professionals.

The ad will be placed in 3 local magazines, and in two regional magazines. In addition, the image will be used on Busboards and mini-billboards all over town.

You need to have an image that simply says “Speed”. The text will explain the context.

We call this a conceptual shot, and it is very important that the image ‘reads’ from a distance.

A “Grabber”.

Thinking caps on?

Go… fast.