You are going to write a book someday, right? Of course you are. I think everyone should write a book, illustrate a book, fill a book with photographs of their lives, and the lives of those around them.

But what is on the cover of your book? Is it portrait, a shot of a perfectly prepared food? Could it be a place or moment that defined much of what your book is about.

Make a shot that could be your book cover… so far.

Think of it as a culmination image… something that ties it all together and makes it make a bit more sense. Think of it as a context setting image – one that gives some meaning to the ones that follow.

Think of it as the first page of your portfolio… something that says “Oh, and there’s more to follow.” Yeah, I know that is a big order for this assignment, but it is a chance now for you to take what you have learned, what you have gained and how you now see your world and put it ALL together into one image… or two if it is to be a diptych.

Think of how you want to set the stage for what follows… how will this image help do that?

Most importantly – how does this dovetail into what you wrote back in assignment two (The Vision Thing)? Your vision statements are found on this video. (We didn’t end up with as many photographers as we started with, but the ones we did end up with I feel real strongly about.)

So with this image you have a chance to modify and refine your vision statement and put a photograph with it. If you choose to illustrate the image with your vision statement, please use these templates:

Vertical vertical.psd

Horizontal horizontal.psd

Also be ready to share your portfolios with us. You can put the link in the questions box and we can go take a look.

The covers: