Last week we looked at your test shots and made some decisions about moving forward with your creative approach.

We need three shots for this catalog page, and they are either the same item or three similar items… all cost the same amount, so they are related in that way.

Here is the layout. If you are not able to do the images in the layout, I will do that for you BUT your images must be in by the morning of the critique. Please no last minute entries, thanks. catalog page.psd

So… what did your creative tests reveal? Now that you see the catalog page, you have an idea of the complexity of the work… one tall shot and two nearly square, but horizontal shots. Will you have to make any changes to your creative approach? If not, get to it. If you do, use the FB group for feedback. The client will allow a color change to the square at the top. This is usually where they “tab” the product category, but the layout is not that detailed yet.

Great luck… make them look really professional, gang.

Catalog Page:


And remember, these shot should work as individual portfolio shots as well.

Class Images: