This morning I posted something on Facebook that had caught my eye.

Death to Stock Photo is a site run by two budding photographers. The model they have created is very compelling to me. Trust me, I have spent all damn day working on this idea, so it does not come lightly or without some deeper understandings of how the marketing of photography has changed… a lot.

What intrigued me is their licensing: The license limits use of the images while expanding their reach into the space of people needing images: From their license;

The license granted in Section License Grant. Subject to compliance with the terms and
conditions of this License, including the license limitations in Section 3, Licensor grants you a worldwide,
royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual (for the duration of the applicable copyright) license to exercise rights in
the Photograph as follows: above is expressly made subject to and limited by the following restrictions:
Sale and Passing Off Prohibited. You may not re-sell or sublicense the Photograph or any reproduction,
collection, or adaptation thereof, or Distribute the Photograph for such purposes, and you may not pass the
Photograph off as your own (but attribution is not required). You may, however, Reproduce, Display, and
Distribute the Photograph commercially as part of a publication, compilation, or product (for example, the
Photograph may be used in a magazine that is sold to consumers, on a website through which goods or
services are sold, as part of an advertisement campaign, or on product packaging).
No Endorsement. You may not implicitly or explicitly assert or imply any connection with, sponsorship from,
or endorsement by any model, object, or entity appearing in a Photograph, the original author of the
Photograph, or Licensor, without the separate, express, prior written permission of such person or other rights
holder. If you use the Photograph in any manner, you must, to the extent practicable, remove any reference to
the model, original author, or Licensor, upon request by Licensor.
This License Follows the Photograph. You may use the Photograph only under the terms of this License. If
you Distribute a Photograph for use by third parties, you must include a copy of, or reference to, this License
with every copy of the Photograph that you Distribute. You may not impose any additional terms or
technological measures on the Photograph that restrict this License or the ability of the recipient of the
Photograph to exercise the full rights of this License. You must keep intact all notices that refer to this
License and to the disclaimer of warranties and indemnification provision herein with every copy of the
Photograph that you Distribute or Display. This Sub-Section applies to the Photograph as incorporated into a
collection, but this does not require the collection apart from the Photograph itself to be made subject to the
terms of this License. You may impose more restrictive terms on the use of any adaptation that you have
Defamatory and Illicit Use. You may not Display or Distribute the Photograph in connection with
pornography, hate speech, or other illicit content, or in a manner likely to defame, insult, or embarrass the
model, original author, Licensor, or other rights holder. The determination of whether any use of the
Photograph violates the restrictions of this Section may be made by Licensor in its sole and absolute
discretion. You agree to immediately terminate any such use upon request by Licensor.
Violation of Copyright or Trademark. You may not Display or Distribute the Photograph in any manner that
would violate any applicable copyright or trademark law.

This made me think about the talent we have here at P52, and how this could possibly work in our favor to move you all into a more commercial and marketing driven space.

I think I would make some of the following stipulations and changes to the licensing if we were to proceed:

1. No CD covers, TV use, billboard or national advertising. Web and online magazine use only. Print would be something to be negotiated with the photographer unless otherwise stipulated to BY the photographer.

2. Attribution to the photographer on blogs and and online magazines is considered mandatory and part of the licensing.

3. Images cannot be collaged, dis-assembled or otherwise manipulated to appear different than the artist intended. Conversion to black and white would be allowed, but few other ‘alterations’ other than to prepare the image for press would be permitted.

4. Users of the images must contact the photographer and notify them of the page and link where the images is being used. This must happen within 24 hours of placing the image on the site or online magazine.

NOW… what I am thinking about, and we will certainly get your buy in as a group. It will NEVER be mandatory to be involved, but involvement would be for a specific time to allow the licensing model to be fairly applied.


Images prepared for our assignments could also become free downloadable images for bloggers and online magazines to use with attribution. Links should be provided where possible to your own sites. Images are not transferrable nor are they managed by exclusivity. A photographer may make specific arrangements with clients on a purchase license usage basis. ONLY.

Free model is for blogs and online magazines. Premium model is for print and other usage. Added benefit is credibility for the photographer and increased opportunities for assignment work.

To be included in ProjectStock a photographer must have completed the project.

Photographers may manage their own libraries, and we can talk about what that looks like if any of you are interested. This will be a fairly major undertaking with some moving parts, so getting buy in is very important.

So that is the idea I have. The images would be zipped together after an assignment, and be able to be downloaded to those who participate. We can monitor the usage within the licensing – see above.

That – in a nutshell – is part of the idea I have for expanding P52 into a wider audience for you all.

Your thoughts here and on the Facebook page would be welcomed.