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This is a limited enrollment engagement.

Project 52 PRO edition is something that started as an idea, and has become an amazing place of learning, teaching and sharing. It fills the gap between becoming a photographer and becoming a professional. Ideally you would assist for someone in the field for a few years, but that is not possible for everyone. This is the goal of Project 52 PRO – to teach you about that experience through experience.

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Project 52 PRO 2015 Enrollment

This will be the third Project 52 PRO group that we have created and they just keep getting better and better. We have had so many success stories, incredible photography and made many friends on this journey.

Project 52 grew from a desire to fill an area of growth that is missing for so many photographers.

The original path:
Working as a photographer’s assistant has always been the best way to learn all the little, inside tips and tricks that are not taught in the art and photography schools. The kind of stuff that is learned on the job is invaluable for all photographers.

Those opportunities are lost for many photographers in smaller markets, or currently working jobs that would not make assisting full time impossible.

Project 52 endeavors to fill that void for photographers the world over.

Our “REAL WORLD” approach to assignments means that the photographer gets a comprehensive look into how assignment photography works, and how to bid, produce and bill for them.


A few assignments from the year include:

  • Shooting to a layout.
    Furnished PSD files allow the images to be inserted into the layout to judge the shoot’s effectiveness.
  • Shooting food, and learning how different food genres work
  • Shooting architecture and interior design
  • Environmental portraiture, with an emphasis on editorial and advertising portraiture
  • Catalog work: Shooting products to show them off… and fitting them to layouts
  • Bidding a small, local job for a small company
  • Bidding a large assignment for a national agency
  • How to find work in your area (yes, there is a real method. Not a secret, but a solid work plan)
  • Shooting a magazine cover (both furnished layout and creative)
  • Conceptual imagery (how to find ideas)

We have a shooting assignment each week, with a two week time to produce it. There is education on each assignment, and we bring a total 365 degree approach to the work. From bidding and getting the job to the nuts and bolts of producing it, each assignment is a rich learning experience with LIVE feedback.

We then view the images in a live webinar, discuss and critique them, and put that recorded video into the private area for continued viewing.

The Workbook.

There are two workbooks for the new Project 52.

1. The Business Book:
This is a very large manual designed to be a “continued work” piece for the photographer wishing to go full time as a photographer, or be as professional as possible in their part time work. From worksheets to marketing strategies, the business book has received incredible reviews by those who are using it.

2. The P52 Workbook:
This is new this year. It is a PDF worksheet with lighting ideas, concept ideas, assignment details and a lighting diagram sheet for your files.


We use GoToWebinar for our live discussions. These are recorded and placed on Youtube (unlisted) and linked to this site for your continued viewing.

ONE-on-ONE Sessions.
We will meet twice for an hour one-on-one. We use this time to discuss your progress, work on individual plans and to keep you motivated toward creating your portfolio.


  1. We want to instill in each of you an amazing understanding of the business and art of commercial photography.
  2. A fully functional, and online website with galleries populated.
  3. An understanding of SEO practices for photographers.
  4. A portfolio of images to use for attracting clients and getting work.
  5. Introduction to the many genres of commercial photography; this allows you to find a niche you may not have even been aware of.
  6. Knowledge of how to go about getting commercial clients in your area.
  7. Knowledge of how to get your work in front of national magazines and editors for assignment consideration.
  8. A more solid foundation in lighting, composition and production for commercial photographers.
  9. A clearer understanding of the post-production work.
  10. A clearer understanding of style and how style is cultivated for a commercial photographer.

There are many other goals, many you will set for yourself.

Being a professional is more about attitude and knowledge than what you do for a living. We strive to instill an attitude and the mindset of a working professional in each of the Project 52 PRO members.

— don