My name is Don Giannatti and I run this project from my headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. The advertising, fashion and design capitol of the world.

Well, actually… no, it isn’t. It is a small market wrapped in a big city. We have few ad agencies, and fewer corporations. While design is found, it is not a heavy consideration.

In short, it is a lot like your town – unless you live in New York, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco or… did I mention New York?

In smaller markets, it becomes necessary to serve a more diverse type of client, and it means being a more diverse kind of photographer.

Yes, I know everyone tells you to specialize. Here’s me telling you to do more than one thing.

And that is NOT contradictory, because I think you should specialize as well. Of course be known for something that you do exceedingly well. but you must create a living and an income to help you sustain your business.

I have been a self-employed photographer for most of my adult life. There were good years and bad years and a few really great years… but I never had a bank loan or a line of credit. I managed my business with cash flow.

My specialty was people and beauty, but I also shot still life, product, architecture and corporate. I was a bit of a generalist, but I played my specialty up and did well with it.

However, if I had to live off what the beauty and people work brought in, I would have needed that bank loan. Funny thing about bank loans… you gotta pay them back.

Along the way, my wife and I had three lovely daughters, and we had health insurance, braces, school and more to pay for. I developed a graphic design business to go along with my photography, and we did fine.

It’s those skills, the ones I learned assisting and later on the ‘streets’ that I want to impart here. How to bid, how to prepare for a shoot, what it takes to shoot glassware, how to shoot to a layout, pulling creative out of thin air when there ‘simply is no shot’… The skills that have served me well, I hope to impart on to you. You can then modify/delete/add to/twist/bend and squeeze into how you do your work.

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