As we do for each class, and each year we run Project 52, there will be a book created and offered for sale at Blurb. We use the wholesale pricing so if you have friends who want the book, they pay cost… the same as you guys do. (We also do a free PDF that is distributed to anyone who wants one.)

What I need – a checklist:

  1. A photograph of you. Portrait/Selfie/Fun/Serious/Outrageous… whatever.
  2. 5 (FIVE) images at full resolution. They should be images from the assignments (including the last assignment) and prepared the way you want them. I will not crop them, nor change the color. You should send them as JPEG, no compression or TIFF files with compression.
  3. No watermarks.
  4. One to three paragraphs about your experience in Project 52.
  5. Contact information for the following:
    Website URL
    Facebook “page” if you have one.
    Twitter URL if you have one.
    Behance URL if you have one.
    Instagram URL if you have one.
    Flickr URL if you have one.
    500PX URL if you have one.
    G+ URL if you have one.

DUE DATE: May First. May 1, 2015. 5-1-2015.

Share a dropbox with me and title it 2014 Group Book.