JUNE: LE Summer School.

I am hoping still to get some tutorials from all of you for the month of June at Lighting Essentials.

Who is eligible to make the tutorials? Any P52 members current and alumni.

What can you do? Simple…

1. A completed image and some BTS shots is a great way for people to get the idea of what you did to make that shot. Mention the Photoshop that was used and show a screen grab if you can.

2. A video capture of a Lightroom/Camera Raw/Photoshop. Hook up a microphone and walk us through one of your images where you can show us a unique and cool technique.

3. A screen grab Photoshop Tutorial – see the one Meggan did for us last week.

4. A BTS look at how you are making your work. Great for portrait shooters.

Keep it simple. Keep it fun. Do not overthink it… these tutorials will go from mild to wild I am sure. This should be something you do anyway, so here is a chance to do it for others.

If it is a YouTube video, send me the following:
YouTube Link
Your Copy
Where you want the link to go.
Any additional places they can find your tutorials (Udemy/Skillshare etc…)
Zip it up and off to don.giannatti@gmail.com

Deadline is as soon as you can make it. Don’t wait till the last minute.

Thanks everyone.