This Edition (2014) Project 52 has concluded. Many thanks to all the wonderful photographers who stuck with it and made it special.


Assignment Forty Eight: How We Roll

Friday Images: Tuesday Night Images:   NOTE: For those of you in the Spring Class, you have already had this assignment... see bottom of the page for your twist to this one... and it is a doozy since you...

Assignment Forty Four: “Hometown Hero”

This is an editorial portrait. It is specifically for a regional magazine and it is all yours creatively. This is far more of a challenge than it may seem at the first moment of excitement when the Art Director tells you that the advertorial will be running three...



Protected: Business Meeting: Monday, April 14

MONDAY, APRIL 14, 6PM PDT This webinar is on the first four chapters and any questions you have regarding them. The webinar will be recorded for later review, but if you have questions and cannot attend, email them to me. We will also be...