You have all spent a year (some more) working on your imagery, digging deep for creativity and creating a set of images that you have both learned from and enjoyed making.

Now we put it all together into the last project. An opportunity for you to create a small body of images that relate to each other, and to you as a creative photographer.

The subject matter is yours. The genre is yours.

The assignment is 5-10 images with a narrative that explains what the project is about, why you chose it, and what it means to you.

Perhaps it is 6 old world recipes. Or 8 portraits of family or co-workers. Perhaps a set of environmental portraits of your neighbors.

Crafted images. Made images. Images that are both planned with meticulous care and produced with technical expertise.

We will meet on Sunday, April 12 to look at the work you have created for this final assignment. I expect it will be a couple of hours.

You may announce your project on the Facebook group, BUT PLEASE do not put any of the images out until our meeting. Consider them embargoed, and not for release until after the discussion date.

Five minimum – ┬áTen maximum images.

A couple of paragraphs on what it is about, why you did it, and what it means to you.

Do not wait till the last minute, and don’t shoot the images all in one day. Think this through… I would expect it will end up on your website as a project. I will post the upload the week prior to our last meeting.