Tuesday’s Work:

(NOTE: If you are a designer, please feel free to submit something you have designed. One vertical and one horizontal.)

For those of you who may not have had an opportunity to design something, we are going to approach a simple promo card. Image, name, web address and phone if you want.

Here are the PSD’s:¬†Promo Card


What font you use makes a difference. Choosing hokey, silly or out of date fonts (Comic Sans, Papyrus etc…) can make the designers you show your work too cringe without seeing the image.

You can use two different types of fonts:

Display Fonts
hese are used for headlines only. NEVER used for body copy.

Text Fonts
hese are used for body copy and headlines when appropriate.

Here are some great places to look for fonts. All are free.

Elegant Themes with 41 Best of 2015.

20 Minute Intro to Typography (good info)

Looking for font pairings (two fonts that look good together) – here is a nice list. And another.

And for the truly adventurous among you… here is a great page of photographers promo cards.

Two promo cards: One vertical and one horizontal. You are free to use these simple templates if you wish. Or you can go off on your own. The card must be 6″x9″ at 100DPI for those of you making your own. (This is for ease of working on the screen here. Normally you would make it 300 DPI.)

Vertical Promo Piece:

Horizontal Promo Piece