This is a concept shoot. NO specifics on format or size. If you want to shoot it and crop it square – cool. I f you want to make a very wide horizontal panorama, cool.

Just tell us why the crop was chosen. If you shoot it to format, you can say: “shot to format…” and that is fine. If it is square, tell us why you did it.

Friday Morning:

Tuesday Evening:

Illustrate ‘POWER’…


Color / BW / film / digital / people / landscape / still life…

POWER – that is our subject.

To help that “concept” thinking challenge, we will have a special webinar this Monday evening to discuss the creation of concepts. How to plan and create something unique. For those of you who cannot make the webinar, do not fear. I will post it within the hour of the show.

Get your thinking caps on… make the shot.

(Google’s presentation of “power” images shows some very creative approaches, and a ton of ‘meh’ – easy outs. A power plant… easy and predictable. Strong arms bending steel… yeah, we have seen that before. So if you want to shoot a power plant, or a couple of incredible arms… do it UNIQUELY as possible.

Image Upload and Critiques: